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Event reports and December event announcements:

Event reports and December event announcements:

I am unfortunately woefully behind in all my writing, correspondence, and boards! (Not to mention my actual job….) Please be patient…

I will be posting the following as soon as possible to Snape’s Grove, my Live Journal, and certain boards as appropriate:

• Report of the 10/6-10 Harry Potter Symposium in Salem, MA (“The Witching Hour”) including my harrowing journey home to Florida (the dementors messed with the radar system at Logan and gave me the flu to boot…)

• Report of the 10/21-23 Samhain event at All World Acres, including my Wicca for Goths class and Descent into the Underworld ritual, and a really cool spirit pic that was taken during the latter. (I had to miss the Harvest Rhythm event the previous weekend because of the aforementioned flu… I apologize to anyone who might have attended and hoped to take my gypsy dance workshop).

• Observations from the Body Magick workshop at AWA the weekend of 10/28-30, with ideas for Thanksgiving rituals.

In the meantime, here is the latest slew of event announcements for All World Acres. Richard and Mary and I (with Persephone’s Haven) will be at the Florida Pagan Gathering Samhain event this weekend, Nov. 10-13, but only from Friday night on …. Information about this event is at I will be attending, participating in, and vending at both of the AWA events listed below. If you have any questions or responses about any of these, please do email me privately at with an appropriately attention-getting subject line, as I am still a long way from getting caught up with the boards and I don’t want to miss any responses that require answers or information. You can also email Richard, who includes his email in the announcements below.



Hi Everyone

We will be hosting the Southern Polyamory Gathering, December 2-4, 2005 at All World Acres in the Tampa Bay area. With the help of a lot of good friends and family we have hosted over 60 different events at AWA over the past 5 years. In addition we have presented various workshops at other festivals.

At SPG the focus will be on creating community and on helping people make friends with others of similar interests. Some planned ice breaking activities that have worked well at other events include; large bonfires with drumming and dancing, dancing and sing-a-longs to live music in courtyard, group body painting, massage shares, dance workshops, energy healing circles, and open discussions of various experiences in the polyamory lifestyle.

Our experiences have convinced us that the best presenters at any festival are the other participants. Spending a weekend in close proximity with good people of like mind is always a great time.

Personally, we are so blessed to be in a loving committed triad and are excited about sharing our experiences with others. We are always available to answer questions. Email; or call 813-748-0761.

The event website is at;

Thanks and we hope to see you soon.

Richard, Mary and Vivienne


YuleFest 2005

Mark your calendars and make your vacation plans because the 5th annual YuleFest gathering returns to All World Acres, Tampa Bay, Florida on Thursday, Dec. 8 through Sunday, Dec. 11.

Yes, four years have passed since plans were made by the community for the first YuleFest. It was this event that launched All World Acres into the busy Pagan event venue it has become. Since then AWA and the wonderful family that has grown up around it has gone on to host scores of events and hundreds of people.

YuleFest 2005 promise to provide the same magical experiences we have all grown to expect. The festival will feature four days of sharing, learning, and having lots of fun in a safe family environment. The days and nights will be busy as always with workshops, entertainment, rituals, drum circles, and vending. The schedule will be updated often as we get closer to the event but you can expect many of the AWA regulars to return including the Body Goddess, the Yula Hula show, courtyard jam, sweat lodge, Tom Carroll concert, and more. Of course there will be nightly drum circles and a very special main ritual that visitors to AWA have come to love.

Main Ritual:

Kim Wade, Vivienne D'Avalon and All World Acres welcome you to our Yule Birthing -- celebrating regeneration, creativity and the rebirth of light.

At Samhain, the Goddess descended into the Underworld and faced Death itself armed only with love; the miraculous result of this ecstatic union was the planting of a seed in Her womb – the promise of new light and life. Since then, She has been brooding -- nurturing that seed of light and love within Her. Now, on this longest night of the year, we must help the Goddess through her sacred labor so that we may celebrate the miraculous rebirth of the Sun.

Imagine an ancient village in which, when a woman’s time was due, the whole village would gather around her birthing bed, to lend their energy to her to assist her birthing process, and to help the baby on its journey with chanting, prayers, and protective incantations. Please come prepared to chant and clap, dance and sing the new baby Sun God safely from the Goddess’ womb and back into our world, calling upon both Mother and Child to shine upon and bless the coming year.

Please also bring symbols and tools of your creativity and of the projects you wish to birth this year, to be blessed and charged with the energy of our ritual. (For example, writers bring your pen and notebook; artists bring your sketch pad or paints; dancers bring your shoes or costumes; businesses bring your logo or business card; tarot readers bring your decks). Pregnant women and mothers with their children (of any age) will also be specially honored and blessed in this highly participatory ceremony of sacred rebirth.


Phone: 813-748-0761
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