ladycatherina (ladycatherina) wrote in enchanted_elms,

Age of romance

Hi, I'm Cristina, and I got into Romanticism through high school and college English classes. I've always felt a bit out of place in modern times, and am overjoyed to find a time and place where people were curious, inquisitive, imaginative, poetic, elegant, etc in a way I admire.

I enjoy the writings of Gerard de Nerval and the Bronte sisters - as well as some Goethe and Poe. And I'm a novelist working on a modern version of Wuthering Heights.

Maybe we should all do introductions to get this community more lively?

An interesting quote I remember from school: Every age is an age of romance, for man cannot live on bread alone and imagination is the staff of life. -- Will Durant
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Hello everyone. I havent posted in a really long time and Im sorry, but Ive been working on my community for role players. If anyone is interested, check out-
It's brand new. Im looking for interested members to sign up before it can begin.
Sweetest wishes-