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This community focuses on romanticism, showing that indeed the Romanticist era never ended. We keep it alive and keep it reaching for the sky. Now Romanticism does not involve just “romance”; it is all things arcane. This means everything mysterious, exotic, enchanting, or just simply fantastical are known as “romantic” and fall into this category. Romanticism also involves emotion and thoughts. The opposite to this is Classicism, which deals with reason, logic, order, and rules. Well, we all know that rules and logic won’t give you the answers to happiness. Check the list below for delicious items of interest.

We love members, yes we do. This is for anyone to discuss anything involving fantasy, mystery, things foreign, philosophy (but don’t be annoying and don’t write a volume, please), or even the supernatural. In fact, supernature is welcomed. This is an open-membership community, which means anyone interested is free to join and all members can post.

the Moderator: blantoncirith

Have fun, and remember to keep the romanticist movement moving! We’re empty without dreams.